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We believe that lean can be applied to any process in any environment in any industry. Manufacturing is the field where lean was born, but everything people do is made up of processes. Some hospitals have already utilized lean and achieved results that not only save money and time but also save lives. Some restaurants and bars have implemented lean principles to reduce customer wait time and improve the quality of their product. We can improve healthcare, education, government, service industries as well as manufacturing plants using lean tools.


Achieving good results through lean is more about the people than it is about the tools. Some say you cannot use lean principles in certain work environments. We disagree. It is possible in a lower volume, higher mix, active union, or other variation from the high volume Toyota-like assembly line.  The key to successfully implementing lean is the culture. You need to take an approach that will work for your organization, and you must have engagement from all levels. This is often the hardest part and where the failure occurs. We can help you determine the best strategy and coach you through the needed culture shift in a way that fits your organization.


From our experience, solving most problems and improving processes does not take a rocket scientist. We do not push to use every tool for every problem. Following a logical problem solving path, using tools as needed along the way, and using facts to make decisions will get you to the best solution. We will help you learn how to select the right tools for the situation and not overwhelm you with all the options.


OUR take on lean


Katie Votolato established Continuous Results LLC in 2013 with the goal of utilizing lean principles in different industries and helping companies improve their people and their metrics. Learn more about her background by clicking here: Katie’s Bio